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Summer’s come and gone. We’ve spent hours and miles immersed by trails and flow. Savoring those long afternoons, grinning through dust, and letting our bikes dance through it all. Now that winter is settling in, it’s prime time to take advantage of a little extra downtime and give you bike some extra (and possibly much needed) love. 

Queue our winter service special. This package is targeted towards essential areas that can get overlooked but make a dramatic difference in the ride quality and longevity of your bike. By replacing frame bearings and giving your suspension a refresh, you're essentially breathing new life into some of the most vital components of your bike.

For the price of essentially a fork and shock service, having fresh pivot bearings installed is quite the bonus.

We promise, after this service, your bike will thank you. 

Pivot overhaul


We begin with what can be considered a spa treatment for the unsung heroes of your frame. We take a comprehensive deep dive into your frame’s linkages and pivot bearings. Areas that never see the light of day while riding can inevitably have dirt and moisture creep into them. Left unchecked, that dirt can lead to premature wear of your bearings, linkages, and frame. Exactly why this is the first thing we address in this package. After that, we dive into pivot bearings. 


Out with the old, in with the new. We’ll replace pivot bearings (linkage, frame, or both) with fresh bearings. This process involves pressing out and recycling old bearings, then pressing in fresh bearings. 


After bearings get nestled in their new homes, we start reassembly by greasing all pivot hardware with waterproof grease. After some TLC, we’ll torque all pivot hardware to the manufacturer’s spec, ensuring that everything is tight and ready to ride. 



Up next suspension receives the royal treatment. We dive into the fork and shock to give it what manufacturers consider a ‘125 hour’ service, we consider it a full rebuild to both the fork and shock. This goes far beyond the basic ‘lower leg’ and ‘air can’ service that is common - instead we fully disassemble both suspension components to ensure everything is working as it should. From there we package it all up again and reinstall them on your bike. 


Looking towards the front end of your bike, your fork receives a full breakdown & refresh. We tackle the usual, new dust seals and fresh suspension oil. But we also open up both the damper and air spring and give both a full rebuild. We’ll do a thorough inspection and replace wear and tear parts. 


We take extra time to give the shock body a complete disassembly due to their complexity. All o-rings and seals get replaced, and any parts that have seen wear get replaced as well. We dig deeper into these shocks than most service centers (or even some manufacturer service centers) to make sure nothing gets overlooked. Why? Because we aren't under the normal time constraints of service centers and we also believe that every seal, o-ring, and dynamic seal deserves inspection and TLC. Upon reassembly, all shocks are vacuum bled and receive a nitrogen charge.

It’s hard to beat that “new bike” feeling with freshly serviced suspension and fresh frame bearings as soon as you hit the trail. It’s that extra little bit of confidence you didn’t know you could get out of your bike. More than that, it’s peace of mind that you’ve just extended the longevity of your bike and kept things running as they should. Now go savor those winter rides.

Stop by the shop with your bike for an evaluation before February 15th to take advantage of the Winter Service Special


Winter Service Special - $355

Normal price of this package - $550

125 Hour fork & shock + pivot bearings  

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