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Special Ends February 15th

One of the best things you can do

for your bike this winter

We've teamed up with the team at Traction Works to provide a unique service package that overhauls some over the most important moving components on your bike: fork, shock, and suspension pivot bearings. Easily overlooked, servicing these components makes a dramatic difference in the ride quality and lifespan of your bike. By replacing frame bearings and giving your suspension a thorough refresh, you're essentially breathing new life into your bike. Increased suspension performance, small bump sensitivity, traction, and extending the lifespan of your bike are all key benefits of addressing these three components that work together in synchrony.

Keep scrolling for a detailed explanation of what goes into the Winter Service Special and why it's one of the best things you can do for your bike this winter.

Pivot Overhaul

No Stone Unturned

Our service techs begin with what can be considered a spa treatment for the unsung heroes of your frame. A comprehensive deep dive and cleaning of frame, pivots, linkages, and pivot hardware. Areas that never see the light of day while riding can inevitably have dirt and moisture creep into them. Left unchecked, that dirt can lead to premature wear of your bearings, linkages, and frame. This is the first thing addressed in this package, up next is replacing pivot bearings. 

Fresh Bearings

Out with the old, in with the new. We’ll replace pivot bearings (linkage, frame, or both) with fresh bearings. This process involves pressing out and recycling old bearings, then pressing in fresh bearings.

Grease, Tighten, Repeat

After bearings get nestled in their new homes, frame reassembly entails greasing all pivot hardware with waterproof grease. After some TLC, we’ll torque all pivot hardware to the manufacturer’s specification, ensuring that everything is tight and ready for more trail time.

Suspension Service

A full Rebuild

Up next suspension receives the royal treatment. Traction Works dives into the fork and shock to give it what manufacturers consider a ‘125 hour’ service. This goes far beyond the basic ‘lower leg’ and ‘air can’ service that is common - instead the suspension techs  fully disassemble both suspension components to ensure everything is working as it should.

Fork Service

Looking towards the front end of the bike, the fork receives a full refresh. We tackle the usual. Cleaning the fork inside and out, fresh dust seals and fresh suspension oil. But suspension techs take it a step further with the 125 hour service by opening up both the damper and air spring and give both a full rebuild, replacing wear and tear parts like seals, o-rings, glide surfaces, etc in the process. 

Shock Service

Shocks also receive a complete disassembly, inspection, and service. All o-rings and dynamic seals get replaced. Any parts that have seen wear get replaced as well. Traction Works goes above and beyond with shock service when it comes to attention to detail.

Their version of a factory service dives deeper into the shock than most service centers (or even some manufacturer service centers) to make sure nothing gets overlooked. Service techs ensure that every aspect of the shock is in proper working order. Upon reassembly, all shocks are vacuum bled and receive a nitrogen charge.

About Traction Works

Traction Works is the PNW's premier suspension service center specializing in servicing and tuning forks, shocks, and dropper posts. This factory level service center is brought to you by a team of passionate riders that service over 1000 suspension components a year, with over 20 years of experience servicing and tuning suspension.

They're experience and expertise prompts the question, why take your bike and & suspension elsewhere for service?

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Normal price of this package - $550   

Winter Service Special - $355

Price does not include parts for pivot overhaul or suspension service

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