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Jump Jam Results

Just in case you missed it, Scott threw an amazing event at the Lumberyard this past Saturday. The Jump Jam is a rider judged, jam style event with both grom and open categories. Riders compete in two rounds, qualifiers and finals, and have 10 minutes to show off their best skills and tricks. Prizes include sweet gear for the top 3 and cash money for the winner. Saturday's event saw competitors of all skill levels and ages, with Max Suffin taking the win for the groms and Darren Graywolf sweeping up the open category. If you think you've got what it takes, or just want to join in the fun, there will be another chance at the second round of the Jump Jam happening April 26th.

scottannounceScott calling the shots during the open competition.


scottandgeoffScott and Geoff with a box full of prizes.

Boulder, CO

Half of my heart lives in Colorado, so I go there as often as possible. Boulder is an amazing town if you like easy access to nature, drinking microbrews and riding bikes. Valmont Bike Park is in the center of town, and though a little limited, has 3 separate pump tracks, multiple freeride features and a super fast cross country track. Its also conveniently located next to two microbreweries and the county jail, so you can plan your day accordingly.val2






The brick building in the background is the Boulder County Jail.

Boulder is nestled into the foothills of the Rockies, and the Flatirons mark the western border of town.  Follow any canyon up into the mountains, and cross country trails abound.  Much like this area, the weather at this time of year is hit and miss.  A thick layer of dirty ice covers anything in the shade, while the year round sunshine melts anything it can touch.  It snowed twice during my visit, but was melted by the next afternoon.  For sheer variety of riding, Portland can't be beat, but if you don't mind some mountain side climbing, the vistas from the Rockies are stunning.


The Flatirons at dusk, as seen from Chautauqua Park.

trailiceTrail conditions more akin to ice skating.

boulderBoulder, as seen from the top of the Flatirons.

Farm Grassroots Rider: Luka

Luka, mechanic Jason's son, had his first adventure on two wheels this afternoon. Albeit with dad's help, Luka popped some sweet manuals, and generally ripped around the shop. Stevie Smith better watch out, the 2014 DH World Cup series has a new challenger. 

photo 2

Look at his form. You can't teach greatness.

photo 1

The Scare

Opposite of The Stoke.  Sometimes I get The Scare during a ride (like in those moments where I'm pretty sure I'm about die, followed shortly thereafter by The Stoke, when I realize that both wheels are still on the ground and I'm still on the bike).  Sometimes I get The Scare watching a riding buddy hit something big or fast.  And sometimes I get The Scare watching a video of somebody riding something that just makes me go 'Nope'. 


Snow Day

Against my better judgement, I got talked into slogging to the top of Sandy through three inches of snow on the ground.  The logic behind the decision was two-fold: First, that we had already gone far enough on the road that it would actually be more difficult to go back the way we came than to go down by the trail.  Second, that as soon as we got back under the trees, the trail would be clear of snow and easy to ride.  As it turns out, both of these assertions were wrong, and both Harley and Scott now owe me a 'You Were Right' beer.

undertreeFinding a dry resting place.

The kiosk and surrounding trailheads were still under quite a bit of snow, and the top 1/3 of Hide & Seek was a slippery, sloppy, fish-tailing ride.  As we descended into lower altitude and more tree cover, the snow turned to slush, which receded to dirt.  As soon as I regained feeling in my hands and traction under my tires, I started to enjoy the ride immensely, which means I probably owe Scott and Harley some 'I'm Glad You Convinced Me To Ride Even Though It's Snowing And I Thought It Was Too Cold' beers.

snowangelTry to ride, fall down, walk away.