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FTF in Far Flung Places

Philipp, on vacation from Switzerland, came through the shop and picked up a Rocky Mountain Instinct 970 MSL BC Edition.  It made it's way up to the Sunshine Coast, Whistler, and inland Canada before heading back to to Switzerland.  He sent some photos from some of his local trails in the Alps... Not bad. 

The Return of GIF Monday

It's turning into summer around here, and as we get busier my time for browsing GIFS quickly disappears. Today, however, we have all of this glory:x85Qnh2_dg













To end, this is the Tom Dugan Section of this post:












Dog River helmet cam

Prepare yourself for awesomeness. The second round of the Mountain Man Challenge will go down this weekend at Dog River with a 7.1 mile Super D. I made it out on Monday to check out the course, and the trail is clear with all remaining snow melting off quickly. The Mountain Man Challenge test riders climbing, descending, and all-around mountain bike skills, and the Super D at Dog River promises to do just that. A lot of high speed descending, some tight switchbacks, and a healthy 500 foot climb in the middle guarantees a good race.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1THdRR0cJA

It's going to be an awesome race.

A New Take on Park Riding

I'm a sucker for BMX Videos. This is due in no small part to the fact that I'm fairly convinced that BMX bikes are, in fact, impossible to ride and that anyone who possesses any modicum of talent when it comes to riding one is merely a visitor to our world of mere mortals from the Land of Make-Believe. Last weekend some of those ambassadors from the Land of Make Believe gathered in Mexico for a pretty unique event, where for lack of a better description the organizers created a skate park entirely out of dirt. The mix of park style features with dirt construction made for some pretty interesting lines and techniques. This short videos shows some of the best moments, and if you're intrigued the whole contest can be viewed at RedBull TV.