4X GoPro Hero3 Goodness

Found this pretty rad video of 4x pros Felix Beckman and Tomas Slavek shredding the JBC Bikepark 4x course in the Czech Republic. It's pretty impressive that action sports cameras, like the GoPro Hero3, have gotten to this quality level. We've got a good selection of GoPro Hero3 cameras in stock. The Black Edition is especially cool. Now the rest of us just have to ride well enough to justify filming it.

Pretty rad. I've always felt that some of the dual slalom and 4x courses on the WC circuit were just glorified BMX race tracks. This course on the other hand requires some mountain bike skills. Rock gardens and a DH style woods section; massive jumps? Yes please.

To give you an idea of how big those first jumps were, Tomas sending the first one.