Awesome Addition: Dropper Seatpost

The climb to the top is 3 miles.  You roll out of the parking lot, ready for the slog up the paved road.  You know its worth it, miles of technical trails and flowing descents await at the trailhead.  You've been wanting to re-ride that one trail for awhile.  Now you that you have a feel for it, know its turns and climbs, you can't wait to get back on it and cruise, taking it a little faster than the time before.  There's a hiccup in your plan though: it sucks to stop every time you have to adjust your saddle height for the terrain.  You need your saddle up for the climb, but you want it out of your way for those descents.  Nothing more irritating that a saddle in your back when you go over that rocky drop off.Mountain bikes have experienced a lot of innovations within the past couple years, and one of the best so far is the dropper seatpost.  Similar to an office chair, a dropper post will descend and rise at the push of a handlebar mounted button.  Weighted, it will go down and be out of your way, but standup and push the button and its right back in place for climbing.  No stopping, no getting off the bike.




There are two different mechanisms that make dropper seat posts work: hydraulic and cable actuated.  Hydraulic posts, like the RockShox Reverb will give you a smooth feel and infinite adjustment settings.  The RockShox Reverb Stealth and KS Lev also prevent frame rub by fixing the housing to the base of the seatpost.  The Command Post by Specialized has three pre-set positions.  While initially this may seem limiting, it can be advantageous knowing where it will stop every time, preventing the need for microadjustments.


So hop on and ride that trail.  No need to bust out the hex key or hurt your knees trying to compromise on seat height. Just you, your bike and the trail.