Banana Hammocks, Melon Slings, Raw Fish, and Spam

It's been a while since my last post, so I figure I'll get to it.It's that time of year again-- the time of year I wait for the rest of the year. "What time of the year is it?" you ask...It is the event of the year that is the complete bicycle antithesis of everything Fat Tire Farm. It is the event that makes every baggy shorted downhiller cringe... I'm talking about The Kona Ironman World Championships! I'm leaving behind the dot fluid, fork seals and blown up suspension pivots for a couple weeks and heading out to the Big Island to work on frustrating internal cable routing, drill out rusted, stripped out bolts and glue tons and tons of tires on Zipp 808 wheels.

I'm kicking off the close-toed OSHA approved shoes and donning the flip-flops, euro-cut Speedo and Adidas visor, and I'll be keeping you posted on the bizarre international circus of affluent doctors and lawyers known as the Kona Ironman.

Farewell foreboding and inevitable Oregon rain-- Aloha warm ocean water, Apple Bananas, SPAM sushi, and all the fresh caught Tuna I can eat. For a couple weeks at least.

More to come...

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