Best Descent You've Never Heard Of

Muck and I headed out Sunday for a trail ride in the Washington Cascades.  We picked out a trail on the map we hadn't ridden based purely on how the topo looked and where it went.  Little did we know the treat (and work) we were in for.  The trail kicked up almost immediately gaining almost 2800 feet in the first 2 miles.  Needless to say it was mostly a 2

The initial plan hadn't been to ride down this trail, but as we kept ascending we recognized the screaming descent we'd stumbled upon. The trail was in great condition and clearly hasn't been ridden in years.

photo 5

photo 2 copy

We cleared some dead-fall along the way, and after 2 hours of hiking and clearing trail, we hit snow.  We post-holed for a little while before deciding to turn around and ride out.

photo 3 copy

The descent was phenomenal.  Steep and loamy at the top gave way to more flow and carving turns through pine forest, and then the trail turned down again for some flat-out fast straights and a long fast rock garden before dumping back out at the bottom.  It looks like in the summer there might be a way to connect it with other popular trails in the area, but it would likely take some heavy work.  It may not be one we ever do again, but man it was worth every minute of the push up.