Bikes of the 2012 Red Bull Rampage

Hey Farm following! With the Red Bull Rampage right around the corner, I've decided to do a post showing off a few of the bikes we carry which are going to be represented at the rampage.As you may or may not know, most of the guys here at the shop rock Specialized, Devinchi, Kona or Giant. Since Steve Smith has been winning everything all year, we're going to excuse him from not showing up and hucking his Devinci to certain death in the Utah wasteland. That leaves us with Specialized, Giant and Kona, all of which you can check out here at the FTF and then go huck (or race) yourself down the mountain. Enjoy!


Kenny Smith's super custom Demo 8:


Darren Berrecloth's dialed Status:


Kyle Norbraten and his cool two tone Demo 8:


My personal favorite, and one of the favorites to win the Rampage, Martin Soderstrom and his tricked out Status. He knows what to do with it as well. Boom!


Not for something a little less Specialized, Kurt Sorge's Giant Glory:


And last but not least, Antonie Bizet's Kona Operator Supreme (Anyone else notice a Vivid Air trend?):


Sooo.. there we are folks, Specialized Demo 8, Specialized Status, Giant Glory and Kona Operator. We've got all these in stock, though they aren't quite as tricked out as the ones on this page.

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