Carbon Trailbike Head-To-Head

Hey Fat Tire Farm faithful,Today we have a nice three bike head-to-head comparison. If you're in the market for a high-end carbon trailbike, continue reading. Even if you aren't in the market, check out the pretty bikes.


From left to right: Ibis Mojo HD, Specialized Stumpjumper Expert EVO Carbon and the Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon


Ibis Mojo HD

The Mojo HD is Ibis' flagship trailbike. The bike sports 160mm of rear wheel travel designed around Dave Weagel's DW-Link rear suspension design. The whole bike comes in at 29.5lbs

The Mojo HD is the burliest of the batch and that is reflected in the ride. With the super-stiff suspension design, as well as the Maxle 12x142mm rear axle, the bike rides more like a light freeride rig, than a sub 30lb trailbike. At the same time, this bike pedals great. The DW suspension-design keeps the rear end from bobbing when you put the pedal down. If you're looking for a bike to throw around on the downhills, without sacrificing too much on the ascents, come check out the Ibis Mojo HD.


Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon

Santa Cruz's Blur line-up makes up their XC race bike with the Blur XC, to their 5.5" travel trailbike the Blur LT. The LT Carbon is Santa Cruz's jump into the Carbon trailbike market. And what a jump it is. Built around Santa Cruz's VPP suspension design, the bike climbs lighter and nimbler than it has any right to. Tipping the scales at 28.25lbs, the bike isn't especially light, but with 140mm of travel (5.5"), the bike does a remarkable job of keeping the wheel from wondering, yet without sacrificing on the descents.

If you're looking for a good all around trailbike that has a good part spec, matched to a hand built carbon frame, come check out the Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon.


Specialized Stumpjumper Expert EVO Carbon

The EVO is Specialized bulked up version of their hugely popular Stumpjumper FSR full-suspension trailbike. Their EVO version has 10mm more travel front and rear giving the bike 150mm (5.9") of travel. Along with the extra travel, Specialized added a Specialized Command dropper-seatpost, a 142x12mm rear through axle, and a 2x10 drivetrain mated to a Gamut shifting chainguide system.

This makes for an overall very versatile trailbike. The bike can descend with the best of them just by dropping the seatpost. The rider doesn't have to worry about losing their chain, or about the saddle getting in the way. The front and rear through axles (15mm and 12mm respectively) keep the bike from getting bounced around while charging down winding singletrack, or technical downhill sections. The bigger tires and extra suspension give confidence on anything but the gnarliest of downhills.

At the same time, this is the lightest of the bunch. At 27.5lbs, the Stumpjumper EVO climbs like a mountain goat. Flip the Pro-Pedal switch on the Fox RP23 rear shock, bring the saddle up and spin your way up.

If these bikes look like what you're in the market for, come check them out. We'll get you on a test ride. If you're looking for something with more travel, less travel, lighter, heavier, etc., we've got a great selection of mountain bikes from: Specialized, Giant, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Devinci, Scott, Salsa and many more.