Cross Training

Confession time: I'm a roadie. And I like it. I like climbing big hills, long open stretches of pavement and yes, I even like wearing spandex. Now, before you judge me too harshly, let me add that I'm a cycling opportunist. That is to say, I love it all. I've never tried something new on a bike and said 'meh'. And I like to think that one type of cycling builds strengths that translate into other disciplines. Road riding has given me a big engine, mountain biking has given me technical handling skills, cross has given me beer-fueled balance in all types of conditions and my latest love, riding at the Lumberyard, is giving me an opportunity to repeatedly practice catching air, which makes my heart soar every time. I believe its all about being a well-rounded rider, even if it means looking like a total spandork sometimes. 






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