Dan and Craig Sick Adventure

Tuesday, Dan and I headed out to East Hood in search of less rainy weather and more sick trails! We started at High Prairie, with a vehicle stashed at the bottom of Oak Ridge trial. This makes about a 4000 foot decent over 26 miles of breathtaking single track. We were untouched by rain and presented with killer mountain views above the clouds along with wildlife. As for the dirt.... Stunning! Soft, loamy, unbelievably tacky, and not a bit muddy! This resulted in a a full throttle attitude, grins ear to ear, and lots of sick Brap Braps over natural root gaps, followed by a two wheel drift and dirt roost. This is just a few of the epic views that we came across on Survivors Ridge. It was about a 5 hour ride, but we spent so much time taking in the scenery, we had to strap our lights on to come down Oakrige. Descending this trail in a cloud and in complete darkness was a real treat. In all the day was full of laughs, Braps, and high fives. Oh Sick