Dialed - Mike's White Industries/H Plus Son TB14 Wheelset

Just built up a beautiful wheelset for a friend's cyclocross bike.  He went with H Plus Son TB14 rims and White Industries H2/H3 road hubs. A modern take on the classic box-section wheelset.  The rims are double-walled with double eyelets for strength.  Unlike box-sections of yore, these have machined side-walls for even, powerful braking.  The wider box section (23mm) will give a cross tire a nice wide footprint.  Mike keeps it classy with an all silver build--DT Comp spokes and brass nipples.

There are some really nice details here.  The hub has a titanium freehub body which is almost as light as aluminum, but won't notch like the softer metal will.

Check out the Ambrosio-style counter weight in the form of a valve badge.  This bit is used to offset the weight imbalance created by the rim weld on the opposite side of the wheel.  The weld by the way is beautiful--you can hardly see it.

Double-eyelets make for an easier and stronger wheel-build, and if you want to use alloy nipples, you don't run the risk of them fusing to the rim.

I've got serious wheel-envy after building these and anticipate adding a set to my quiver soon.