Dialed Ride - 1992 Breezer Thunder

And we're back. Hope you all had a good holiday weekend and got some good riding in. The Farm crew was scattered about in Santa Cruz (Park), Mackenzie River (Jimmy), Bend (Dave), and Patrick hit some secret DH trails, while I was out at the less glamorous, but always fun, Post Canyon.This week's Dialed Ride is a classic.  A customer brought his Breezer Thunder in to have the original fork put back on and bring the bike back to it's classic glory.  For those of you who don't know, Joe Breeze built the first mountain bike back in 1977 (cobble-together klunkerz not included).  Not much commentary needed here--enjoy the photos.

Pretty much Shimano XT throughout (brakes, shifters, derailleurs, hubs).  Tom Ritchey provided tubing for the frame and fork as well as rims, bars, post.

That's right, he got it at The Farm.  Gives you an idea about how long we've been in the mountain bike game.


From the 1992 Breezer Catalog:


Mountain Bike Action review:

MBA review and Breezer catalog courtesy of MOMBAT.org