Dialed Ride - Garry's Santa Cruz Bullit

Garry's got a lot of nice bikes.  We built this one up a while ago, but he took it out for a ride the other day and reminded me that I had these photos.  Santa Cruz stopped making these last year, and Garry got one of the last ones.

Rock Shox Lyrik fork.

Race Face Atlas bars, Avid Juicy Ultimate brakes, Chris King headset.

Mavic DeeMax wheels with fat 2.5" Maxxis High Rollers.

We swapped the air cannister on the DHX Air for a lower volume one to adjust the spring rate for Garry.

I can't believe we don't sell more of these Truvativ HammerSchmidts.  The way they instantly shift under load is the shit.  You should try one if you haven't.