Dirt Mag and Dirt Jumps

Dirt Magazine just put up a great little web article about some kids building dirt jumps in .... the pacific northwest? thats right dirt mountain bike magazine from England posted an article about kids in the Seattle area building jumps. pretty sweet. The amazing photos from the article were taken by former Portland resident now living in Hoodriver Cory Tepper ( also a former FTF employee of the month ask Park or Cory). One of the Trail builders Guy Marsh is good friends with yours truly in fact such good friends i wont even mention that Guy still owes me money for a hotel room we all split in whistler from like four years ago but Guy gets a pass because it was like most whistler trips super fun and watching guy try to pick up chicks at bars was worth every penny. Good job Cory and Guy.  Check out the article and watch that video its super rad.Pfunk