Forks need love too

We see this too often. A customer comes in and wants a fork serviced, first time since the fork was purchased three or more years ago.Forks need a tune-up also, oil is absorbed or leaks out or is just dirty and when the oil is dirty or just not there then the bushings that the stanchions slide through act like sand paper and destroy the surface of the stanchion and the fork will never be the same without buying a new upper assembly (stanchion, crown and steerer tube) that can cost about half the fork $200-$400, Lets avoid having to do that by just getting your fork serviced regularly, at least once a year some manufacturers recommend every 40-60 hours of riding. Standard maintenance should include seals, oil and a thorough cleaning of stanchions and lowers inside and out.

Now is the perfect time to have service done by the studs of the Farm, the weather is turning and maybe youre about to hang up the bike for the winter. Our season is slowing down so turnaround time should be quick.

Give us a call or come on in.