Ibis Ripley - It's Alive!

young-frankensteinThe guys down at Ibis were kind enough to invite the Fat Tire Farm along with a handful of other dealers down to Santa Cruz this past week to ride their new Ripley 29er.  Yes, that Ripley, the one that has had its release date pushed back again and again for about a year and a half.  While I can't show you photos yet to prove it, the unicorn is real.  For those of you unfamiliar with the bike, it's another Dave Weagle design.  It's still a DW-Link, but instead of traditional links, it uses eccentric sleeves that rotate on BB30 bearings to actuate the swing-arm.  It's a super-clean looking design, that reduced significant weight, should increase frame stiffness, and reduce bearing wear (frame weight is LESS than a Mojo SL-R!).  The Ripley has 120mm of travel and mates well with a 120mm or 140mm fork.

We spent the better part of Thursday on the Ripley tearing up sunny Santa Cruz singletrack.  Ride quality is what you'd expect from a DW-Link: fully active suspension that feels tight and pedals extremely well.  Geometry felt dialed for a trail 29er; the bike was stable at speed, but nimble enough in the twisties, and playful on booters and trail features.  The official release is on Monday, and we've got a large on the way with more sizes on order.  Stay tuned for some detailed photos of this unique suspension design.