In the Shop - Specialized SJ FSR Elite

Guest post by our intern Henry.

  photo 5

Hey my name is Henry and im doing an internship here at the Farm and im around MTB's all day long and I think this is the sickest bike there is here and this is why.

The FSR Elite has better components such as the XTR shadow plus derailleur, fox tala,s and auto sag rear shock.  It also has a custom carbon chainring guard and it has the brain rear shock witch allows you to fine tune your rear shock to your preference.  Also this bike is $4100 retail but since the Fram is the best bike shop ever they have it in a Medium for $2999 .

It also has the Specialized blacklite dropper seat post, it has 3 fixed positions--there is all the way up then 30mm down and all the way down

photo 1

In addition to the seat post is fox talas fork.  It has 120mm-140mm and feels super-plush and smooth and also has a rebound function and lock-out when up are pedlng up sandy or super plush when bombing down little monkey this is a good fork to have.

photo 2

The Brain is the damping for the rear shock from full travel to lockout but lets say you are riding and and you jump up and down and pedal really hard and it does not move but you roll over a rock it will compress so that's the cool thing about it.

The XTR derailleur has Shadow plus, which is a switch so when the switch is off it has the spring loose but when the switch is on the spring tightens and so your chain douse not fall off.

photo 3

Auto sag rear shock is pretty cool too.  What you do is pump the rear shock up to 300 PSI, then sit on your bike for normal riding position, then you let the air out with the red bleed valve,  then cycle the rear shock a time or two then press the red valve and it is set for your weight.

That is why I think this is the coolest bike here!