Interbike is Upon Us

Much like salmon making their yearly excursion from the cool comforts of the open ocean and struggling thousands of miles up-river to spawn and inevitably die in the place of their birth, each September thousands of humans, most of whom make their living in the bicycle industry, trade the familiarity of their home towns for the land of sweltering heat, stale cigarette smoke and $1 Rolling Rock's most commonly known as Las Vegas.  The purpose of the mass migration of bike nerds is driven not by an innate animal instinct for procreation, although some mix of spawning and death will inevitably occur, but rather by some amalgamation of capitalism and curiosity that drives otherwise well adjusted people into the middle of desert to drool over bike parts and, if they're lucky, drum up some business for whatever facet of the bike industry they have attached themselves to. This spectacle has a name, and that name is Interbike.Now, to be honest, there is next to nothing that happens at Interbike that makes any difference in my life. Perhaps some major brand will unveil something that has yet to leak onto the internet, or maybe we'll see some new colors of some piece of apparel that will really tie my "kit" together. In reality, I spend 40ish hours a week in a bike shop surrounded by some of the coolest bikes and parts that the industry has ever produced, and another few hours a week wasting my free time trolling bike-related websites looking at stuff that might come out and judging the opinions of complete strangers. I don't need to travel to that hell-hole of a town to stay abreast of new developments in bike tech, so why do I pay attention to Interbike? I pay attention because it is one of the only places in the world where you can see abominations like this attempt to be taken seriously:


Again, this is not a joke. This a product that someone, somewhere (Taiwan or Eastern Europe, if I'm going to guess), thought that they could legitimately bring to market.  Two shocks, two different size wheels, zero common sense. The list of things wrong with this bike is rivaled in length only by the list of things wrong with this next picture:


Words can not express the level of fail. I'm not even going to try.

In summary, I pay attention to Interbike because it is a goldmine of misguided ideas being implemented and/or funded by equally misguided people. It is the bastard love child of Milton Friedman,  Leonardo DiVinci, and Willy Wonka, but instead of turning your bratty 12 year old daughter into a blueberry, someone takes your beloved 26" wheel aluminum trail bike and turn it into a 27.5" wheel carbon fat bike with a lefty and a belt drive. Yes, I'm being judgmental. No, you're probably not out of line to call me an ass. This event will bring me literately ones of minutes of entertainment, and I'm going to milk them for all it's worth. Updates to come, as the event slogs on.