Labor day weekend ruled

This is one of my favorite pictures of  last weekend. From left to right is Kyle, Patrick, Park, me and my son James. We headed up to whistler and had a great time. We did a lot of shredding. I and James did the most runs. James road like a man for only being 13. Eric was ripping till a flat slowed him down right before lunch and a new tube. He also got a bad hair cut at the bar by anyone who wanted to. Mostly by drunk girls with paper scissor from behind the bar.  He almost won a P-1 bike for the deed. Eric won mvp for most violent puker. Dave was enjoying himself till he won best digger. He snapped his bar on blue velvet's wall ride. Kyle got best dressed for rocking jeans and a t-shirt both days. Patrick won most popular, he had the friends all over the mountain. Peter was our rookie, he did awesome for not having much time on a DH bike.  Barry did not receive  an award but he did have a blast on crank it up. Park was our captain of the sprinter ship, he did a great job of getting us up there and back. It was  another amazing shop trip, thanks again  Boo Boo.