Like a Boss. No really, he's the Service Manager.

I think that at The Farm we've got some of the best technicians in the NW, hell, maybe even the country.Case and point:

An Industry Nine wheel came in today with a broken spoke.  If you're not familiar with Industry Nine wheels, they've got proprietary spokes that have a 'nipple' built into one end of the spoke, and the other end threads directly into the hubshell.  Not a big deal; however, the spoke broke in the middle of the threads in the hubshell.  Also, not a huge problem, use an easy-out to remove the broken bit and you're back in business.  HOWEVER, the threads on the hubshell got knackered when the spoke broke.  So, after we got the broken spoke bit out and tried to thread a new spoke in it didn't want to go in.  Our Service Manager, Jimmy, quickly machined a tap out of a spoke and tapped the hubshell clean.  Like new again, respoked and true.  No big deal...