Mike Montgomery Riding Mammoth Bike Park and a short rant

I found this on VITALMTB.com pretty sick........

Mike Montgomery Riding Mammoth Bike Park (on a Specialized) - More Mountain Bike Videos

warning i am going to complain about this video.... mike is super talented and a crazy slopestyle rider and he crushes in this video. Mammoth mountain is a huge part of down hill history and mountain bike history in general and has been the proving ground for some of the best racers of all time so thats cool and i totally respect the history and heritage but i am a snob and a grump and i like what i like and i dont like to ride wooden jumps and concrete pavers on my mountain bike i'm sorry but  look at all those paved "bike park" turns that sort of sucks, granted the soil at mammoth is super dusty and almost impossible to build berms into but at 45 seconds and 1 minute 55 seconds mike is basically riding on the road that just doesn't seem appealing to me. maybe i am spoiled but riding on dirt is the whole point right? In the northwest sure it rains a ton but our dirt is the best hands down our trails a super sweet and super fun. i think trail builders need to chill out and stop trying to make everything look like wistler. its just not always justified to "armor up" a trail am i alone in thinking that we are loosing to much natural terrain in favor of man made features. i understand that the soil sucks at mammoth and all those armored corners are warranted especially due to the high level of taffic that place sees but it still bums me out especially when it becomes trendy to put pavers on trails that don't need it i think we should rebel against this trend i mean so what if a berm gets a big old crater in it just harden up and smash through it, trust me its fun to monstertruck stuff. basically i am grumpy and think things were better in the old days.check out the vid below.