Mountain Biking's Grand Tour

One of the coolest parts of working in a bike shop is getting to bear witness to the constant evolution of bikes, riders, and riding styles. Amongst the myriad changes to take place over the last 5 or so years, the proliferation of the 29" wheel has brought with it a resurgence in the popularity of so called  "marathon" or "ultra" races. While most of these races are between 75 and 100 miles, there is one race that separates the truly insane from the merely masochistic. That race is the Tour Divide, and this years edition starts on Friday, June 8. The 2,745 mile self-supported race runs from Canada to the Mexican border, along the spine of the Rocky Mountains. A movie was made telling the story of this race a couple of years ago, and if you were looking for something to make you reconsider what a long ride is, it's totally worth a watch. Here's a look:


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