Mountain Man Challenge Round #1

Sunday is the first race of the Mountain Man Challenge!this will be a two stage Enduro race.

*Transfer 1 racers will NOT be timed as they ride from the parking area upto the start of stage one. following Homestead road up the hill and entering the trail system onto "338 trail" just past the kiosk at the top of the road. the transfer stage will continue along "338 trail" until you reach the start of"two turntables"

*Stage 1 will start at the top of "two turntables" and end at the road crossing just before the end of lower "Hide and Seek". Timing staff will be at the start of "two turntables" to line racers up.

*Transfer 2 Racers will NOT be timed as they climb Homestead road upto the beginning of "Hide and Seek" timing staff will be on hand to line racers up.

*Stage 2 will start at the top of upper "Hide and Seek" and end at the road crossing just before the end of lower "Hide and Seek"

*All trails will be open for public use during the race, so use caution when entering trail intersections and merging onto trail. we will have course marshals at major intersections to warn other trail users, but proceed with caution.

*Registration we will have onsite registration Saturday between 12-3 day of registration (please pre-register it will make our registration staff happy) will be open 8-10.

*Racers meeting will be conducted in the parking area at 9:30, don't miss this! important details and any changes will be discussed at this time.

*The race will begin at 10:30. racers will sent down on 30 second intervals. time between stages will be dictated by number of racers. make sure you bring everything you need to ride all day. tubes, tools, food, water, rain gear. you will be responsible for your equipment, you will not have race support if you have a mechanical or a flat please step off the trail and exit on home stead road. weather looks pretty wet so be prepared for a fun muddy race.

give us a call with any questions. we look forward to seeing everyone out at there.IMG_6370