On Vacation with the Ibis Mojo SL

The little lady and I were on vacation last week camping down in northern California, and I had the chance to ride a good portion of the Tahoe Rim Trail and the Flume Trail on an Ibis Mojo SL.  I've been on a hunt for a slightly shorter travel bike for all-around use (I'm currently on the Giant Reign with 150mm of travel).  The Reign is a great bike and pedals remarkably well for so much travel, but most of the trails around Portland don't warrant such a bike.  The Mojo SL has 140mm and utilizes the DW-Link suspension design, which to me felt like a stiffer pedaling platform than the Giant's Maestro.Overall, the bike was a blast to ride.  It's lightweight, has good angles for all-around trail riding (the front end didn't wander on steep climbs, and felt confident on steep technical descents), the suspension pedaled great uphill and it hammered the flats with pro-pedal on.

You've probably heard Ibis is releasing a new Mojo, the SL-R this fall.  Same angles, but with a different carbon lay-up, tapered headtube, and 142mm rear spacing.  Might be time to start saving my pennies.

By the way, we've got the 2012 Mojo SL at the Farm in a couple different configurations.  Check us out if you're in the market.