Oregon Enduro Series Finals, MT, Hood Sandy


The word “epic” can legitimately be used to describe the 2012 Oregon Enduro Series finals. It’s a showdown of SEVEN stages, with three stages descending Mt. Hood in a single day and four stages dropping through the shaded trails of Sandy Ridge on the other. The addition of Mt. Hood to the finals means racing from the glacier fields at Timberline Lodge all the way to the foot of the mountain, and that’s only one of the two days. Saturday will have three stages starting at the Timberline Lodge and ending 12 miles down Hwy 26 at the intersection of Road 39.

Sunday will be four stages starting from the top of Sandy Ridge, and race down four different trails to the new Sandy Ridge parking area.

THERE WILL BE NO PRACTICE SHUTTLES FOR SANDY RIDGE. Pedaling to the top of the course takes 45mins-1hour at a mellow pace

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