Proposal Bike

Patrick rolled his eyes when I showed him this post, but I thought it was adorable.  Here's the story, via VitalMTB:

As part of a marriage proposal, a local customer wanted to do something really special for his soon to be bride. Being that his special lady wasn't that into jewelry, and loved DH Bikes, he approached us at The Garage about building a fully custom Santa Cruz V10 for her. Nearly every part of this bike is custom, down to the paint by Elbert Uber Lack (note: there are no decals on the frame - ITS ALL PAINT), the pedals and bar end caps by Twenty6 are custom engraved with the phrase: "Forever Loved". To add an element of surprise, this bike was secretly exchanged with her normal bike when they loaded the chairlift at Whistler and at the top he presented her with the bike and a ring. Congrats Marshal & Joy! All Photos by Rich Adams -


Surprising her at the top of the chairlift really makes it for me.  I love the idea.  Why pay all that money for a ring when you can get a super sweet custom bike instead?


More pictures and specs here.