Ride Report - Bennett Pass to Surveyor's Ridge

A week or so ago, Muck, Andy, and I set out to ride the long ridgeline from Mt Hood Meadows to the Oak Ridge Trail, encompassing Bennett Pass, Gunsight Ridge, High Prairie, Eight Mile Creek, Knebal Springs, Surveyor's Ridge, and the Oak Ridge trails.


We rallied up in the shop Sprinter and kicked things off at Bennett Pass.


We set off on a selection of Santa Cruz bikes--Chameleon, Nomad, and Blur TRc.  You'd think we were somehow affiliated.


Bennett Pass was a surprisingly nice forest service road to ride up with some decent views.


Looking up the Hood River Valley from Bennett Pass.  By the end of the day, we'd make our way beyond the far end of this view.

View of Mt. Hood from Gunsight Ridge.  Rainier, Adams, and Helens were also in sight from this point.

Wildflowers at High Prairie.

The camera stayed in the bag most of the day, but there were views for a lot of the ride, and the singletrack was excellent.   Trails were in remarkably good condition for this time of summer.  Of course Surveyor's was dusty, but not blown-out.  Only the climb up Knebal was in rough shape.  Everything else was great to ride.  We totaled 32 miles and 4200' of climbing on the day with a net elevation loss of about 4000'--almost all of it singletrack.  I highly recommend making the trip--particularly now that things have cooled off a little bit.