Running Some Errands

Most weekends (my weekend, that is, most of you probably know it as "Thursday"), I make a point of spending a few hours on my bike. In addition to wanting to go for a bike ride, however, I was faced with the unfortunate reality that my fridge contained little more than two beers, three kinds of cheese, and a small but delicious chunk of bacon. Now these are all good things, great things even, but don't exactly constitute what most people would consider sufficient supplies for a weeks worth of eating. So taking into consideration both my desire to ride bikes, and my desire to eat for the next week I threw on my bag, hopped on my cross bike and headed out for the Krugers Farm Stand in St. Johns via Leif Erickson Drive. I stopped for a little break when I got to Saltzman Road, and snapped this picture of the whole scenario. Fact: Fall in Portland does not suck.

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