Slopestyle Bikes, What the numbers say.

Friday night and Craig and I have gotten into a heated debate about what slopestyle bike is the best.The candidates are BlkMrkt Kilswitch, Transition Double and the brand new Specialized P.Slope. All three bikes come in at around 30lbs with a standard build. Here are some critical numbers:

Kilswitch: 100mm of travel, 16" chainstay, 69 degree headtube angle, 13" BB height. $1500 frameset.

Transition Double: 80-100mm of travel, 16.1" chainstay, 68 degree headtube angle, 13" BB height. $1300 frameset.

P. Slope: 84mm of travel, 15.07" chainstay, 70 degree headtube angle, 12.75" BB height. $2500 complete with Argyle and other goodies.

The first thing that pops out is how DJ-ish the P.Slope is. Chainstays that are shorter than normal DJ hardtails and a super steep headtube angle. This bike is going to JUMP, anything. On the other end of the spectrum is the Transition Double. It's pretty slack at 68 degree headtube angle, long chainstays, and it's relatively expensive compared to the P.Slope frame. The Kilswitch is probably the best manufactured of the three. BlkMrkt is amazingly dedicated to quality manufacturing and smart geomoetry.

The geometry on the P.Slope is spot on. The price for the complete is pretty sweet as well. Easily our 1st choice here at FTF.

If looks could kill, the Kilswitch would kill. A close 2nd for our slopestyle shootout.

And in 3rd, the Transition Double. A good all around bike, but it's a little slack at 68 degrees and the chainstays are a tad bit long.