Snow Day

Against my better judgement, I got talked into slogging to the top of Sandy through three inches of snow on the ground.  The logic behind the decision was two-fold: First, that we had already gone far enough on the road that it would actually be more difficult to go back the way we came than to go down by the trail.  Second, that as soon as we got back under the trees, the trail would be clear of snow and easy to ride.  As it turns out, both of these assertions were wrong, and both Harley and Scott now owe me a 'You Were Right' beer.

undertreeFinding a dry resting place.

The kiosk and surrounding trailheads were still under quite a bit of snow, and the top 1/3 of Hide & Seek was a slippery, sloppy, fish-tailing ride.  As we descended into lower altitude and more tree cover, the snow turned to slush, which receded to dirt.  As soon as I regained feeling in my hands and traction under my tires, I started to enjoy the ride immensely, which means I probably owe Scott and Harley some 'I'm Glad You Convinced Me To Ride Even Though It's Snowing And I Thought It Was Too Cold' beers.

snowangelTry to ride, fall down, walk away.