Things that I understand, and things I don't.

As an Oregon native and life-long cyclist, there are a number of things that I've come to understand about mountain biking in Oregon. A key thing I've come to understand is that if the weather/trail conditions are not so ideal in your neck of the woods, you're probably within a couple of hours drive of some pretty awesome riding. With this in mind, I jumped in the car last week for a quick overnight trip to Bend for some late season single track. Most people know that there is no shortage of great riding in Bend, but many people might not realize that right now is the best time of the year to ride there. The air is cold and the trails are tacky, if you can find the time I highly suggest a trip over before the snow starts to fly. Swing on in to The Farm if you need a map or some trail advice before you go. Here is a mediocre photo I took while taking a little water break to give you a bit on an idea of some typical scenery:


Now, onto things that I don't understand. For example, I don't understand pretty much anything that happens in this video:

"Physics? Why should I care about physics?" said every single rider at the Texas Toast Jam. Check out highlights from the Dirt finals here.