Even though winter is here, and the days are short with cold temperatures, doesn't mean you cant still get out and ride. Here are a few of the local spots I rode this week that are more than ripping right now and left us with grins ear to ear.Tuesday, Dan and I headed out to Siouxon in search of non snow covered single track. The road driving up to the trail was a little concerning being that we were plowing through a foot of crunchy snow but we kept our hopes high. When we arrived at the trail head we were pleased to see that the trail was not completely covered in snow. Just a dusting of crunch ice. Overall the trail rode really nice and just sounded like you were constantly ridding on Velcro. Wednesday I adventured down to Black Rock to get some air. I was pleased to find warm weather, and even a bit of sun shinning in. The trails were in great shape and construction and addition of new trails and features were taking place. No standing water or frozen spots. This place was ripping! Thursday, Scott, KIT, and myself trucked out to Syncline to do some shuttle runs. We left Portland with sunshine and entered Hood River with overcast and fog.... However all of the trails up there were phenomenal. Just a little bit of hard pack snow up top but the minute you hit the single track all is perfect. We put in 4 full top to bottom runs on multiple trails and have plans to head back again this weekend!

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