Trail Report - Tillamook Burn

Muck and I rallied out to Brown's Camp this morning to get a ride in before work.  A perfect storm of conditions made it a great one.  There is an OHV restriction due to fire hazard that kept things quiet--saw one other person on the trail.  An 8am start meant it was still cool.  The chuck-holes have been filled in on the Storey Burn descent, and the dirt was awesome!  All-in-all it's a great time to ride these trails, and if you haven't ridden the Storey Burn descent... Well, it's so good, so good.On the other end of things is Post Canyon.  We were out there on Wednesday and while the smoke from the forest fires wasn't bad, the trails are BLOWN OUT.  It's like riding on 1/16" ball bearings.

Sandy continues to stay in good condition despite heavy use all summer.  However, Jason was there yesterday and said the wildfire smoke was horrible.  Check the weather and winds before you head out there.