Video Tuesday

While checking the Blog-o-Sphere this morning, two videos seemed to be ubiquitous on the Mt. Bike blogs, so I figured why not add them to ours as well. First, an answer to the age-old question: what happens when you put one of the world's top trials riders on one of the world's nicest road bikes? This:

Next, some more stunning footage this past weekend in Utah. 2010 Rampage champion Cam Zink took a pretty nasty crash during Saturday's practice, the kind of crash that makes everyone hold their breath and hope for the best. Miraculously, Zink walked away with only some serious bruises, and even attempted to ride on Sunday but just couldn't get through the pain. Below is the footage from the Contour camera that was strapped to his helmet during the crash.

In totally unrelated news, we just got a pretty massive shipment of Devinci demo bikes yesterday, including some full carbon bikes that you won't be seeing ANYWHERE else in the WORLD for at least another few months. Stay tuned for more info on those....