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Whether you're carving down a steep loam line, dropping in for an enduro stage, or heading into the backcountry for an all-day epic, this bike performs. With increased rearward axle path, idler, and the innovative VPSHP suspension layout, this new design gives the Sight next level confidence and capability, up or down the mountain. With 160/150mm of travel, the 2024 Sight takes the best of the Range Platform and has tighten it up into a light, pedal friendly, maneuverable, high-pivot package. Available with a 27.5" rear wheel (MX), as well as 29" in some markets. Swapping the linkarm and lower shock mount with the "Missing Link Kit" converts between 27.5" and 29" to let you pick the wheelsize that suits you best while maintaining geometry and kinematics to ensure consistent fit and bike setup. - 29" with the option to change to 29"/27.5" with no compromise geometry and kinematics. - RockShox Ultimate suspension. SRAM Code Silver Stealth Brakes. - Race face carbon 30mm rims. - SRAM XO Eagle Transmission. - Weight (S3): 15.6 kg / 34.4 lbs - Ride AlignedTM – Perfect fit, dialed handling and personalized setup in minutes. - No Other Way Limited Lifetime Warranty
$2,499.00 - $3,349.00 $3,349.00 Up to 25% Off
EVERY RIDER, EVERY TRAIL The Norco Fluid can dive into corners. And carve sweeping turns. It's as happy mixing it up in the backwoods, as it is rolling local trails. It can elevate beginner riders to intermediate. And carry intermediates to expert. It can take your weekend hobby and turn it into a lifestyle. While so many bikes are made for a specific something or somebody, what the world needs is a bike built for every rider and every trail. That's the Norco Fluid. RIDER BENEFITS THREAD THE NEEDLE - Intuitive precision handling to pick the perfect line. - Engineered using the same Norco technology and process as our top-tier Trail bikes to give you the ride of your life no matter what path you follow. POTENTIAL FULFILLED - Top-tier design and features over-deliver as skills evolve. - 6061 aluminum frame gives experienced Trail riders what they need to ride their best and helps evolving riders develop new skills and preferences without limits. CUSTOM TUNED SUSPENSION - Sophisticated suspension components for full-platform performance and tunability. - Precision-engineered 130mm rear suspension features custom-tuned dampers co-developed with the shock manufacturers provides fully customized suspension setup and performance for every rider. ROOM TO MOVE - Long-travel droppers and generous standover get you through the rough stuff. - Long-travel, size-specific 34.9mm dropper posts and low-slung top tubes create lots of room to move, letting you roll confidently through challenging terrain and push your limits. PERFORMANCE FOR ALL - Refined design and expanded size range for accessible Trail performance. - Boutique-level fit & finish is available in 5 frame sizes, delivering superior Trail performance to riders between 5'1" and 6'7" with components selected to offer peak performance and durability. RIDE ALIGNED - Perfect fit, dialed handling and personalized setup in minutes. - The Ride Aligned Design System matches each Fluid FS to the human who rides it. - Rider-first geometry and suspension kinematics combine with custom fit and suspension tuning for personalized performance from day one.
$2,999.00 $3,499.00 14% Off
The Sight Youth 27.5 employs Norco's Ride Aligned design system to create a ride that doesn't just fit a 4'9" – 5'2" rider, but is deliberately tuned for them. So, instead of stalling their progress while they outride their kid's bike – waiting to grow into an adult one – they can step things up sooner, and capitalize on the rubber bones and questionable judgement youth provides them. RIDER BENEFITS: - RIDE ALIGNED: The Sight Youth 27.5 uses Norco's Ride Aligned design system which matches each individual bike to the human who rides it, creating a customized platform that is both stable and balanced, allowing the rider to push harder. Using individual rider metrics, precise suspension kinematics, and proprietary app technology, you'll align with your ride experience like never before. - YOUTH-TUNED SUSPENSION: We added a reduced offset RockShox Pike 150mm suspension fork and RockShox Deluxe R rear shock with a lighter damping tune because younger riders use lighter springs, which require less damping. - LIGHT ACTION DROPPER FOR JR RIDERS: To ride right, you gotta have a dropper – but if you're not over 90 pounds, normal droppers are too hard to compress. The Sight 27.5's 120mm TranzX dropper post is easy to compress for young riders, making saddle adjustment easy. - SDG JR. SADDLE AND PEDALS: Smaller riders fit these size-appropriate contact points. They're the same caliber as the grownup stuff, but won't fit Junior like they're built for giant. - SRAM SX EAGLE DRIVETRAIN: One-by drivetrains are pretty much the only way to go these days, and the SX Eagle offers top-drawer performance at a price range that won't break the bank.
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