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$6,649.00 - $7,599.00 $9,699.00 Up to 31% Off
We’ve all got tracks we love to play again and again. Whether you’re into double-black rock anthems or rhythm-section blues, the 4060 Z LT lets you keep hitting repeat thanks to the Shimano EP8 motor and long-lasting 720Wh battery. Riff off old favorites, create something new, hit play and repeat.
$4,399.00 - $7,399.00 $6,799.00 - $7,399.00 Up to 35% Off
Long travel bikes have gotten pretty serious. The 4060 LT is just seriously fun. Why try and tame the terrain when you can work with it? After all, popping into chutes is just as fun as point and shoot and jump lines are every bit as worthwhile as big mountain lines. The 4060 LT - long travel, seriously fun.
Up (and down) for anything. The 2030 GX is a short-travel trail bike that doesn’t put limits on how hard you can play. The carbon frame is trail-bike light but enduro-bike strong, and with geometry that won’t hold you back it’s just as happy pulling big moves on big-mountain days as it is shimmying on singletrack. With a no-compromise build kit that majors on performance, this is a bike that comes dressed to impress and ready to rock.
$3,499.00 - $5,099.00 $5,099.00 Up to 31% Off
A life spent playing on bikes is a life well lived. Whether that’s mastering the manual or finding the edges of traction, hucking to flat or exploring mountain tops, the 4060 ST cuts the crap and gets back to the reason we fell in love with bikes in the first place. Long live the good times, long live play time.
$3,149.00 - $4,699.00 $4,699.00 Up to 33% Off
An enduro bike that squeezes the most out of every trail, the 4060 LT NX is pure concentrated fun. By using a gnar-loving full-carbon frame and pairing it with quality suspension components there’s no holding back on how hard you can send it. The bulletproof build kit means you’re good to go from the get-go and with everything you need and nothing you don’t, you can focus on having fun on the trail ahead.
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